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Furniture invoice template

A furniture business can have numerous transactions every day because there is a massive industry demand for good-quality furniture items for both retail and commercial furniture. As your business meets the needs of the furniture market, let myBillBook meet your needs for the many invoices that you generate regularly! 

Downloadable free furniture invoice templates

With myBillBook invoicing software, furniture businesses can conveniently generate and download as many furniture invoices in a day as required, for free. In addition to the free downloadable invoices, you can also choose from a huge variety of templates depending on your business requirements. Choose the furniture bill format that best meets your needs and further customise it to synchronise with your brand image!

Find Free Invoice Format In Excel & GST Bill Format In Excel

Benefits of using furniture invoice templates from myBillBook 

Simple and convenient: Gone are the days when businesses had to write each invoice by hand. With technological advancement, generating furniture business invoices has become much more convenient and straightforward. myBillBook invoicing software is the perfect example! 

Easy tax filing: The furniture shop bill format templates that come with myBillBook are also GST-friendly. This means that you can use the same invoices while filing taxes. Using various templates, you can also automate GST calculation applicable to various products. 

High level of customisation: myBillBook provides a wide range of furniture invoice templates. You can choose the template that matches all your requirements criteria. Also, you can customise it using different themes and colours. Not just that, myBillBook allows you to integrate your brand logo to create a highly personalised invoice. 

Reduced transaction time: By relying on myBillBook for your furniture invoicing needs, you can reduce the billing time. You can scan the products for their codes and automate tax calculation, thereby reducing the transaction time by a significant margin. 

Efficient account management: Each account, including the receivables and payables, can be managed efficiently by tracking all payments in one place on the myBillBook software. You can also set payment reminders, send alerts to your customers about due payments, and collect the payments in just a few clicks.

Furniture invoice template highlights 

Easy to download and printable invoices: myBillBook furniture invoice templates are ready to use and easy to download and save. You can also print them on A4 or A5 sized sheets. 

Simple designs: The furniture bill format you select for your business will be a simple design that any staff member can use and edit. You can also check out myBillBook’s guided tutorials for generating and customising your furniture business invoices. 

Shareable online via Whatsapp and emails: In addition to being print-friendly, these furniture invoices can be directly shared online using platforms like emails and even Whatsapp. 

Professional invoices: The designs are also highly professional even though simple and completely customisable. Small and medium businesses can use these invoices to create a lasting impact on their clients. 

Which furniture invoice template should I use? 

If you are confused about which invoice template to use for your furniture business, myBillBook has you covered!

You can decide the best invoice template for your furniture business based on the following points: 

Invoice details: While choosing a furniture bill format for your furniture business, it is essential to keep in mind the details you want on your invoice format. You can choose a template that can include the necessary information that your business needs or choose a customisable invoice template. 

Invoice formats: Some invoice formats available on myBillBook include Word and Excel sheets. Select a word format template if your invoice does not have too many formulas and calculations. Word invoice templates can also be used if you want your invoice to be visually appealing. On the contrary, you can use Excel format templates if your invoices involve many formulas and demand less creativity.  

Colours and themes: You can choose your furniture bill format templates from among the ones available on myBillBook, depending on your aesthetic choices. If you want your business invoice to represent your brand identity, choose the invoice that can incorporate your brand logo and colours well.

Payment type and time: Depending on the nature of the transaction, you can choose from among the various kinds of furniture invoices available for small businesses. There can be separate invoices for a credit transaction or recurring transactions. With myBillBook, you can keep such invoice formats ready for different types of transactions.


Types of furniture invoices for small business

Here are the most used invoices by a small/medium furniture business that can be generated using myBillBook: 

Standard furniture invoice: A standard invoice for a furniture business is the most basic one that covers the essential details of the transaction, including customer details, product details, and total amount due, including taxes applicable. 

Credit furniture invoice: In case of a transaction where the customer has some credit that he/she can avail of later by purchasing something from the furniture business, a credit invoice can be generated. This invoice is the proof of the amount of credit that the customer can avail of up to a particular date. 

Debit furniture invoice: If the customer involved in a particular transaction owes some money to the furniture business (due for payment on a later date), a debit invoice is generated by the business. The debit invoice includes the details of the amount and date of payment due. 

Recurring furniture invoice: When a furniture business has customers with repeat orders, a recurring invoice can be used. It shows the standing order for every month and is useful in tracking payments per the agreement between the customer and the business.