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NIC Code for the Construction Industry

The construction industry includes diverse activities contributing to the country’s infrastructure growth and urban transformation. For the construction sector, the National Industrial Classification (NIC) Code is a vital tool to accurately categorise businesses engaged in infrastructure development, building construction, real estate, and allied services. Under the Udyam Registration process for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), businesses operating in the construction industry must provide the appropriate NIC Code that aligns with their primary economic activity. This page provides information about various NIC Codes for construction activities. 

nic code for construction

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NIC Code for Construction

According to the National Industrial Classification System (NIC 2008)

The NIC Code for General Construction is 45201

Under NIC 2008, Construction is categorised under Section F Division 45. The related groups, classes, and subclasses are as below.

Section F


Division 45


Group 451

Site Preparation

Class 4510

Site Preparation

Sub-Class 45101

Site preparation in connection with mining (includes work performed to develop or prepare mineral properties, except oil and gas sites)

Sub-Class 45102

Site preparation other than in connection with mining

Group 452

Class 4520

Building of complete constructions or parts thereof; civil engineering

Sub-Class 45201

General construction (including alteration, addition, repair and maintenance) of residential buildings, carried out on an own-account basis or a fee or contract basis.

Sub-Class 45202

General construction (including alteration, addition, repair and maintenance) of non-residential buildings, carried out on an own-account basis or a fee or contract basis.

Sub-Class 45203

Construction and maintenance of roads, rail beds, bridges, tunnels, pipelines, rope-ways, ports, harbours, runways, etc.

Sub-Class 45204

Construction/erection and maintenance of power, telecommunication and transmission lines

Sub-Class 45205

Construction and maintenance of waterways and water reservoirs

Sub-Class 45206

Construction and maintenance of hydro-electric projects

Sub-Class 45207

Construction and maintenance of power plants other than hydro-electric power plants

Sub-Class 45208

Construction and maintenance of industrial plants other than power plants

Sub-Class 45209

Construction including special trade construction (includes construction and maintenance of sports stadia and other construction not elsewhere classified and special trade construction such as foundation work, water well drilling scaffolding etc., carried out on a fee or contract basis.)

Group 453

Class 4530

Building installation (Activities performed at the construction site, although parts of the job may be carried out in a special shop.)

Sub-Class 45301

Plumbing and drainage

Sub-Class 45302

Installation of heating and air-conditioning systems, antennas, elevators and escalators; insulation work (water, heat, sound); and soundproofing systems.

Sub-Class 45303

Electrical installation work for construction

Sub-Class 45309

Other building installation (Includes industrial process piping work, installation of illumination and signalling systems for roads, railways, airports, harbours etc., and installation of certain plants such as electric power and transformer plants, telecommunication plants and radar plants etc.)

Group 454

Class 4540

Building completion (Includes activities that contribute to the completion or finishing of a construction.)

Sub-Class 45401

Setting of wall and floor tiles or covering with other materials like parquet, carpets, wallpaper etc.

Sub-Class 45402

Glazing, plastering, painting and decorating, floor sanding and other similar finishing work

Sub-Class 45403

Finish carpentry such as fixing doors, windows, panels etc. and other building finishing work.

Group 455

Class 4550

Sub-Class 45500

Renting of construction or demolition equipment with operator

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