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GST Delivery Challan Format in PDF

A delivery challan in PDF format ensures a seamless transfer of goods and helps maintain a record of the transaction. A well-structured delivery challan format in PDF provides a comprehensive record of the goods delivered from the supplier to the buyer. Whether you create your own format or utilise existing templates, a properly formatted delivery challan in PDF serves as a valuable tool in managing and documenting your business deliveries effectively.

Delivery Challan Format in PDF

Delivery challan in PDF is a template to document the product delivery details. It can be created in a PDF maker or converted from other formats. For instance, you can create a delivery challan format in Word or a delivery challan format in Excel and download it in PDF. Downloading the GST delivery challan in PDF makes it look more professional and makes it secure. Even when you share the soft copy, it is hard to change the details.

Date of delivery
Basic Delivery Challan Details

Sender’s name and address

Recipient’s name and address

List of items being delivered

Tax Details

Quantity of each item


Any relevant notes or instructions

Fields to Include in GST Delivery Challan Format

Heading: The delivery challan format in PDF begins with a clear and prominent heading, such as “Delivery Challan” or “Delivery Note.” This title helps in quickly identifying the purpose of the document.

Unique identification number: It serves as a reference for tracking and record-keeping purposes.

Date: Include the date of the delivery, indicating when the goods were transferred from the supplier to the buyer.

Supplier Details: Include the name, address, contact information, and any other relevant supplier details.

Buyer/Recipient Details: Include the name, address, contact information, and any other relevant details of the buyer or recipient.

Item Description and Quantity: List all the items being delivered, including the item name, quantity, and unit of measurement. If applicable, include specific identification numbers or codes assigned to each item.

Remarks/Notes: Provide a section for any additional comments or remarks that may be relevant to the delivery.

Authorised Signatory: To validate the delivery challan, it is necessary to have the authorised signatories from both the supplier and the buyer/recipient.

Terms and Conditions: Optionally, the delivery challan format may include a section for terms and conditions such as payment terms, return policies, or any other relevant conditions.

Benefits of Creating Delivery Challan in PDF Format

  • Compliance with GST regulations: The PDF format for delivery challan ensures adherence to GST requirements for documenting the movement of goods without an invoice, helping businesses stay compliant with the tax laws.
  • Record-keeping: The PDF format allows for easy digital storage and retrieval of delivery challans, enabling efficient record-keeping and reducing paperwork.
  • Professional documentation: The format provides a professional template for creating delivery challans, enhancing the professionalism of business transactions.
  • Improved accuracy: Predefined fields and structured layout in the PDF format help ensure accurate and consistent information, reducing errors and streamlining the delivery process.
  • Easy sharing: Delivery challans in PDF format can be easily shared electronically with suppliers, buyers, or other stakeholders, facilitating efficient communication and reducing delays.
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly: By reducing the need for physical paperwork, using PDF delivery challan formats contributes to cost savings and promotes environmental sustainability.

FAQs on Delivery Challan Format in PDF

What is a delivery challan format under GST?

Under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) system, a delivery challan should be used to move goods without an invoice, typically in cases such as job work, sales returns, or supply for exhibitions or trade shows. There is no standardised template or layout as recommended by GST; however, the challan must include all the necessary details as mentioned above.

Why is a delivery challan format in PDF important?

A delivery challan format in PDF is important because it provides a clear and organised record of the goods delivered. It helps in maintaining accurate documentation, tracking deliveries, and resolving any disputes or discrepancies that may arise during the delivery process.

Can I customise a delivery challan format in PDF?

Yes, you can customise a delivery challan format in PDF to suit your specific business requirements. You can modify the layout, add or remove fields, and incorporate your company logo or branding elements to create a personalised delivery challan format. However, all these can be done using a PDF maker or before converting Word or Excel files into PDF. Once the file is converted into PDF, no changes can be made.

Where can I find a delivery challan format in PDF?

You can find delivery challan formats in PDF through various sources. There are numerous websites and online platforms that offer downloadable templates specifically designed for delivery challans. Additionally, you can create your own format using software applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, or specialised PDF editing tools.

Are there any legal considerations when using a delivery challan format in PDF?

It is essential to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Ensure to include accurate and complete information, adhere to any specific industry or government guidelines, and retain copies of the delivery challans for your records in case of audits or legal requirements.

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