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Full form of UAN is Universal Account Number. When a person joins a company with more than 20 employees for the first time, the company has to activate UAN for the person.

Activate UAN

To activate UAN number, the employer has to follow the below process.

  1. Login to the EPF Employer Portal or UAN Login Portal using the company’s Establishment ID and password
  2. Go to the “Member” section and select “Register Individual”
  3. Enter all the employee details like Aadhar number, PAN, etc.
  4. Click on Approve in the “Approval” section
  5. The EPFO generates a new UAN and sends it to the employer
  6. The employer can use this to activate UAN number and link the EPF account of the employee to the UAN

How to Know Your UAN for EPF

When an employer generates a UAN for their employee, they provide the UAN and the EPF account number to the employee. You can also find and know your UAN using the following method:

  1. Go to the EPF Member Portal
  2. Click on the “Know Your UAN” option
  3. Enter the mobile number that you have given to your employer. They have registered this mobile number to activate UAN number. Use the same to know your UAN
  4. Enter the captcha code and click on the “Request OTP” button
  5. Enter the OTP you will receive on your phone along with the captcha
  6. Enter your details such as name, Aadhar Card number, PAN details, and enter the captcha for verification
  7. Select “Show my UAN.” You will know your UAN

UAN Activation Through EPFO Member Portal

You can use the EPFO portal to use different services for EPF. Before you do so, you must register and activate UAN. If you do not activate UAN, you will not be able to access any online EPF services.

You can activate UAN online through the UAN portal:

  1. Go to the EPF Member Portal
  2. Select “Activate UAN”
  3. Enter the UAN along with other details such as Aadhar Card number, name, mobile number, etc.
  4. Enter the captcha code and click “Get Authorization PIN”
  5. You will get an authorization PIN on your registered mobile number
  6. Enter this PIN in the site and select “Validate OTP and Activate UAN”
  7. Your UAN will get activated and you will receive the UAN password on your phone
  8. You can log in to the EPF account using your UAN and UAN password

You should link your Aadhar Card with your UAN to access your EPF and related services.

To link your Aadhar with UAN, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the EPF Member Portal and login into your EPF account
  2. Select “KYC” in the “Manage” section
  3. Click on the box in front of Aadhar to select it
  4. Enter your 12-digit Aadhar Card number and name
  5. Select “Save”
  6. You will get a notification as “KYC Pending for Approval”
  7. It will take a few days for UIDAI to confirm your details
  8. Once it is done, your employer’s name is displayed as “Approved by Establishment” and your Aadhar is displayed with a notice of “Verified by UIDAI”

Documents to Activate UAN

You will require the following documents for activating UAN:

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Bank details
  • Other identity or address proof

You usually submit these documents to the employer when you join the organisation.

FAQs related to UAN Number 

Can I upload my KYC document through the UAN Members e-Sewa portal?

Of course, you can upload your KYC documents on the UAN Member e-Sewa portal. You have to just visit the UAN Member e-Sewa portal and access your account by giving your valid UAN and password. Choose KYC under the tab ‘Manage’. In this section, you can upload any of your KYC documents like PAN, Aadhar, Ration Card, Passport, Election Card, Driving License, and National Population Registration Number.

What are the provisions offered to members via the UAN-based Member Portal?

The facilities provided by the UAN-based Member Portal to the members are as follows:

- Download UAN Card
- Download Passbook
- Enter KYC Details
- Edit Personal Details
- List Previous Member IDs
- Check Eligibility for Online Transfer Claim

The members can expect additional services in the future from the UAN-based Member Portal. This portal has made things very easy for the members.

Can we activate UAN with PF number?

  1. Visit
  2. Select Our Services > For employees > Member UAN/Online Services > Activate your UAN.
  3. Enter PF number, registered mobile number, UAN and Captcha code.
  4. Click Get Authorisation Pin. Once you receive the OTP, click on I agree on terms & conditions and proceed.
  5. Click on Validate and Activate UAN.

How to check if a UAN is active or not?

  1. Go to the EPFO portal.
  2. Visit the "Know your UAN status" page.
  3. Select the state and enter your account number to check the status. 

How can I activate my PF mobile number?

  1. Go to the EPFO portal.
  2. Click on Activate UAN > Enter your UAN, Aadhar card, and mobile number.
  3. Enter the captcha code and click on Generate Pin.
  4. Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number to activate UAN.
  5. Your PF mobile number is now active.

Can I activate UAN by SMS?

Yes, send an SMS with the code "EPFOHO ACT'' followed by a 12-digit UAN number and 22-digit EPF Member ID to 7738299899. Remember to use the same phone number you want to register with EPFO.

Why do we activate UAN number?

If your UAN number isn't activated, you'll have to rely on your employer or the PF office for every PF-related task.

Can you activate UAN via offline modes?

Yes, missed call feature and SMS are available offline methods.

I have not linked Aadhaar with UAN. Can I transfer funds online?

You cannot perform any activities until Aadhar is linked with UAN. As per section 142, linking your Aadhaar card to your Employees Provident Fund (EPF) account is mandatory.

Do I have to pay any fee for UAN registration?

No, there is no fee associated with UAN registration or activation.

  1. Go to the EPFO portal.
  2. Click on Activate UAN > Enter your UAN, Aadhar card, and mobile number.
  3. Enter the captcha code and click on Generate Pin.
  4. Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number to activate UAN.
  5. Your PF mobile number is now active.
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