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Who Is A Flipkart Seller?

The world now is all about how easily you can have what you want. We can order anything online and have it delivered to our home. Flipkart is one of the most prominent websites for online shopping. This website has altered the purchasing experience with many innovative ideas such as same-day delivery, try & return, cash-on-delivery, and so forth. Items are available at such excellent prices that consumers increasingly opt to purchase online to save both money and time.

Flipkart is one of India’s leading e-commerce platforms nowadays.  Flipkart Sellers are individuals who sell their products on the Flipkart platform. Businesses, including sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLPs, and corporations, can register as sellers on Flipkart.

Steps Involved In Flipkart Seller Registration

To be eligible to send supplies via Flipkart, a firm or individual must complete the seller registration process. To begin, becoming a Flipkart seller requires registering as a seller on the Flipkart seller login page. Create an account on the Flipkart website’s Seller homepage. Flipkart Seller Registration is simple, involving only a few easy steps. Becoming a seller on Flipkart is a simple procedure that can be completed in a few simple steps. A seller can enter details of the products they will sell on this website.

Steps to become a Flipkart seller are,

Step 1: Create a Flipkart Seller Hub account.

The initial step is to register the business under relevant government regulations. Visit the Flipkart Seller Hub at https://sellers.Flipkart.com/ or click here. You will be redirected to the Flipkart Seller Registration page. Flipkart would now verify through email.

Step 2: Verifying Details

Second, the business person must establish a business account. Keep an eye for a confirmation email from Flipkart in your inbox. A confirmation link will be included in the email; follow the link to verify. Following that, you’ll be prompted to validate your mobile number; once confirmed, you’ll be prompted to provide the PIN and complete address of the location where you’d like Flipkart to pick up your products. After completing the process, a new page will appear.

Step 3: Information about the seller

Third, the proprietor must register the firm for GST. This stage requires you to submit the information requested by Flipkart throughout the registration process. These details are essential. To complete the Flipkart seller registration procedure, you must provide some information.

Business Details, Bank Details, and Store Details

The following is a list of the information required for registration:

  • The seller’s name
  • The seller’s contact information
  • E-mail address
  • Address of the business
  • Getting a Pickup Location

Different Flipkart Seller Logins: 

Some more relevant documents have to be provided based on the type of company registered:

1. Sole Proprietorship –

If a person wishes to start his new firm and register as a seller, he may do so as a sole proprietor and begin selling online. However, it is not a highly recommended corporate structure. Additionally, it is not scalable and has limited access to loans.

Identity Verification:

  • The proprietor’s passport
  • The proprietor’s PAN card
  • Driver’s License/Voter ID
  • Other government-issued identification cards with a photograph

Address Verification:

  • Bill for Utility Services (Electricity or Telephone Bill)
  • A copy of the proprietor’s bank account information
  • License or Lease Contract

2. Private Limited Company –

Registering a firm as a Private Limited Company has various advantages, including limited liability for entrepreneurs, simplicity of transferability, development of a distinct legal entity, the potential to engage partners or investors, and the possibility to scale up activities rapidly.

Identity Verification:

  • Photocopies of the Private Limited Company’s registration documentation and certificate
  • A copy of the MoA
  • PAN Card for the business

Address Verification:

  • Telephone bill statement
  • Bill for electricity
  • Agreements for Rental or Lease

3. Partnership Firm or LLP –

Limited Liability Partnerships are a very new and relatively latest kind of business development in India.

Identity Verification:

  • Certificate of LLP or Partnership Registration
  • Power of Attorney signed by a selected partner or member of a Limited Liability Partnership
  • Deed of partnerships
  • PAN Card for LLP
  • Documents that designate the parties as partners

Address Verification:

  • Electricity Bill for LLP
  • Telephone Billing for LLP
  • Lease or Rental Contract

Benefits of Becoming a Flipkart Seller:

The digital market is replacing conventional marketplace shopping. All major business organizations have recognized the importance of adapting to the client’s changing needs and have begun selling products online.

Selling on Flipkart is the simplest and most effective method of promoting and attracting worldwide clients. With a physical business, you can only focus and offer promotions to enhance the selling, but your consumer base is broad when you sell online through Flipkart. As Flipkart displays your products in all locations, you can raise your sales levels to an unprecedented scale and enhance your sales potential.

  • Partnering with Flipkart allows you to sell a broader range of items and potentially sell more. Choose products with a high demand throughout the digital marketplace and a low level of competition. Conduct research on the products with the most feedback and then compare them to create a sales approach.
  • Second, purchasers can even book products in advance. With attractive combo deals or discounts, you can draw your business.
  • Your consumers would receive the orders on time, and as a result, you would have an excellent reputation with them. Flipkart has over 100 million registered consumers, making it the undisputed leader in the online market. All customers looking to buy will be able to see your offerings. You can establish a product catalogue in any section that Flipkart allows.
  • When a buyer buys online from you, the payment is sent to your bank through the Flipkart seller account. The streamlined payment method simplifies the process of tracking your sales.
  • Flipkart is well-known for its excellent logistics department, enabling you to market your products to customers in every country region, even the most remote locations. The logistics staff will pick up the items from the depot or your doorstep and deliver them to the purchaser.
  • You can maximize your earning potential. Flipkart offers incredible rewards to its sellers, including low commissions and several benefits.

Q1. How do I keep my Flipkart seller account active?


  1. Create an account at seller.flipkart.com.
  2. List your products in specific categories of merchandise.
  3. After receiving an order, pack the items and label them ‘Ready to Dispatch’. The logistics partner will collect and deliver the items to the consumer.

Q2. When will my registration be complete?

Ans: The registration process for a seller on Flipkart is a three-step process. Complete the required fields, manage your profile, and complete the verification procedure. If all the documents are in order, you will be confirmed. Otherwise, you must take corrective measures. During the registration process, your email address and telephone number will be verified.

Q3. Is GST required?

Ans: Except for certain exempted items, GST registration is required for the Flipkart registration process.

Q4. Which data would be used to complete the login process?

Ans: To begin with the Flipkart seller login process, the seller must register with an email address and a mobile number. The process requires a user name and password.

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