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E-waybill Generation Using Invoice Registration Number

Most businesses generate a substantial amount of transactions regularly, which led the Government to offer bulk e-way bill generation facilities. Using the facility, you can generate multiple e-way bills with your invoice registration number in a single attempt.

This blog will summarise the process of the generation of e-way bills using IRN  across the e-invoicing portal.

Before you start e-way bill generation using invoice registration numbers in bulk, you should have a handy “EWB bulk convertor” or the excel file, which helps you to create requests for multiple EWBs through IRN in a single JSON file.

  1. Navigate to the home page of the e-invoice portal. Next, browse through “Help,” “Tools,” and reach “Bulk Generation Tools.” Then, download the “E-Waybill Generation by IRN – JSON Preparation” tool.
  2. Tap the “Bulk E-Way Bill” sub-option under ‘‘E-Waybill” in the menu to generate bulk e-way bills.
  3. Click “Browse”, and the system will request you to select the JSON file. Next, you must upload the Bulk EWB through the IRN request file (the maximum file size is 2 MB) to the e-invoice system.
  4. Once the system processes your request, it generates e-way bills and displays the success message and the e-way bill number for each request.

You can export your e-invoices in an excel file by clicking on the “Download Excel” button.


  1. You cannot submit multiple invoices to generate a single e-way bill.
  2. Start afresh when requesting bulk generation of e-way bills rather than existing templates. Pay attention to any previous entries on the same sheet.
  3. Only submit the requests after verifying your e-way bill details.
  4. Use your IDs sparingly if you have multiple IDs, leading to incorrect GTINs on your e-way bills.
  5. Ensure you attach all the essential documents and enter all details before e-way bill generation.

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