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A shop bill book is like an identity of your business. Every customer gets to keep a part of that identity through the invoices you generate, and you get to keep all your issued documents in the bill book. A well-maintained bill book represents the organisation and its management practices. Thus, it is crucial to choose a suitable shop bill template for your business. 

Downloadable Free Shop Bill Book templates

If you are recently moving from a hand-written bill book to an online bill book, we understand it can be a big change, and myBillBook offers to hold your hand through this process of choosing the perfect shop bill format for your business. 

myBillBook offers shop bill templates that can be downloaded on any device of your choice. The best part about these templates is that they are free to download, and there is no limit to the number of templates you can access for your bookkeeping needs!

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Benefits of Using Shop Bill Templates from myBillBook 

There are many benefits of using a template from myBillBook for your shop bill requirements. The benefits that apply to almost every business include: 

Organised documents: With myBillBook, all the documents you issue can be organised by date or types of documents in an online shop bill book. These templates bring a sense of standardisation to the bill book and make it easy to trace back any document. 

Affordable printing: If you think that just because it is an online bill book, myBillBook templates cannot be generated physically, that is not the case. You can print myBillBook shop bill templates on any basic thermal printer. 

Stock management: Using bill books to manage your business inventory, myBillBook allows you to keep an instant check on your stock while also reminding you to restock well in advance before your in-demand stocks run out. You can also create separate categories for different items on myBillBook templates or while creating invoices. 

Saved information: With myBillBook, you can save client details and product information that you use frequently or repeatedly. So, you do not need to enter the same information every time. This can save you a lot of time.

Well-managed accounts: By creating a shop bill using myBillBook, you can seamlessly manage all your bills, promissory notes, receivables and payables – all in one place. You can also set reminders or alerts for payments due (to be paid or received) and never miss out on any important payment. 

Accessible on the go: You can access your bill book created with myBillBook software from anywhere, on any device of your choice. You can also link your PC and mobile for instant access to your business bill book. 

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Shop Bill Template Highlights 

  • Easily customisable professional free-to-use designs to create a lasting impression on your customers.
  • Bills and invoices printable as well as shareable online through Whatsapp and Emails.
  • Shop Bill format templates available in various editable formats like word documents, excel sheets, google documents, etc. 
  • Templates saved in formats of your choice, including png, pdf, jpg, etc.
  • Provide consistency and maintain efficiency in your daily business transactions.
  • Smooth and accurate bookkeeping and efficient accounting.
  • All payments can be collected in one place, making it easy to track and manage multiple accounts.
  • A medium of growth for small and medium business enterprises providing automation and technological development in accounting.

Special Purpose shop Bill Templates

Most bill books generally hold records of all documents (receivables and payables) that a business issues. Here are some special purpose bill templates that keep records of specific documents: 

Bills of exchange: A business can maintain a separate bill book to keep a record of bills of exchange and promissory notes, etc. 

Cash bill book: If you want to keep a separate record of your cash invoices and general invoices, you can maintain a cash bill book only for cash transactions. This can make it easy to track payment through different mediums. 
Payables and Receivables: For efficient account management, you can maintain two separate bill books for your payable accounts and receivable accounts.

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