Importance Of Accounting for Business | Type, Need & Advantange
importance of accounting

Let us first learn what accounting is. We can define accounting as the method of combining all the financial information to make it clear and understandable for all. Accounting can help in understanding the company’s operation, financial positions, and cash flows. The financial statement generally comprises the income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet, and the statement of retained earnings. A financial state of an organization must always be transparent, accurate, and most importantly reliable.

Accounting has a lot of benefits in running a business successfully without any hassles. Here are a few points that showcase the use of accounting in a business.

  • Accounting helps in recording all the business transactions of an organization which is a must to understand how the business is functioning
  • It can facilitate decision-making for the owners and managers related to income, expenditure, and profit
  • Accounting helps to communicate the result of a business to board members, investors, owner or government
  • Precise accounting can help to ensure proper reporting of financial assets and liabilities which will help in filing the statement during the financial year.
  • Accounting makes your business legal and it can also help in running the business profitably.

Types of accounting required for every business

Accounting is of different types ranging from auditing to the preparation of tax returns and many others. To do this work, accountants are available who will be trained in preparing accounting statements. Let us see the different types of accounting below.

  1. Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is a category of accounting in which standard guidelines are used in keeping the track of all the financial transactions of a company. The key use of financial accounting is to prepare the reports of finance that can provide required information about an organization to its external parties like investors, creditors, and tax authorities.

  1. Public Accounting

Public accounting examines the financial statements along with the supporting accounting systems of client companies. The use of public accounting is to provide a guarantee that the financial statements created by clients present accurate financial results and also the financial position.

  1. Government Accounting

This type of accounting is unique and is used to create and manage funds from which the cash is distributed to pay for expenditures. It is related to the supplies of services by the government entity.

  1. Forensic Accounting

It includes the reconstruction of financial information when the whole set of financial records are not available. Forensic Accounting is used to recreate the financial records of a shattered business, to reconstruct fraudulent records, convert cash basis accounting records to an accrual basis, and so on.

  1. Management Accounting

Management Accounting is the process of accumulating accounting information for internal operations. It helps the managers to achieve the business goals.

  1. Tax Accounting

This is focused mainly on tax regulations, tax filing, and tax planning to decrease the company’s tax burden in the coming years.

  1. Internal Auditing

This is done to examine an organization’s system and transactions to identify weakness, fraud, waste, and mismanagement. This type of accounting is helpful for managers to understand any errors.

Need of accounting in small business

The main reason behind the failure of small businesses is bad financial management. A small business will only have a limited budget and other means. So accounting should be done carefully and accurately to control the expenses. Here are some reasons why there is a need for accounting even for a small business.

  • Accounting can keep a track of all the cash flows which will prevent any needless cash flow in your business.
  • Accounting helps to understand the concepts of fixed cost and variable cost. Likewise, you will know how to perfectly cost your project. If you do this, you will not lose any money on a project.
  • A small business also needs to grasp the safety of the business. Accounting can help in maintaining a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement through which you can understand the status of your business
  • Accounting can help in detecting and avoiding frauds and thefts done by customers, employees, and suppliers
  • When there is precise accounting in your business, you will be well equipped to face audits
  • Another main advantage of having business accounting is that the bankers will be more confident in dealing with such business owners who actually know the importance of accounting and financial implications.

You must constantly keep in mind that the key to success in business is by reviewing the financial statements regularly. You should also form a detailed budget that can help you in discovering operational incompetence.

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Key advantages of using myBillBook accounting software

These days, accounting software like myBillBook is available that makes the work of an accountant easier and quicker. Below you can find the need for accounting software in any business organization.

  1. Improves Efficiency

Various accounting software programs assist in completing your bookkeeping by following a few simple steps. You will only have to enter your business’s transactions and the software will compute the totals. All you must have is an internet connection to use myBillBook software.

  1. Systematizes your Accounting

According to the accounting software you have chosen, the software program will automatically add the totals, compile statements and even generate invoices. When software calculates the amount, it will be more precise than hand calculation. Using accounting software minimizes errors to have a clearer picture of the business operations.

  1. Easiness in Filing Tax

If you use myBillBook for accounting, it can save and organize all your business transactions. This makes it easier for your accountant to prepare the tax report by checking the details filled in the software. It will also help in completing the work faster as the accountant does not have to manually check all the physical bills.

  1. Safeguards during an Audit

When auditing happens in your organization, you must submit all the accounting records that are accurate and complete. All the auditors will check your book of accounts for detailed information. So, if you use accounting software to record all the financial transactions, there would be less chance of making errors which can prevent IRS audit red flags.

  1. It helps in tracking your business

You can easily check your financial history from the accounting software that you use. By checking the details, you will have a clear idea of past income and expenses. This helps in creating business milestones to help you attain your goals. Checking the records of the past can also assist in planning the cash flow of the business. Ultimately, you will be able to make smart decisions in enhancing your business and making more profit every year.


Considering the need for understanding the importance of accounting in a business, we have made this guide for you to understand all the major concepts of business accounting. If you have a business, you must be well aware of the basics of accounting. Besides, you must be able to read and understand the financial statements that are recorded. Being an owner of the company, you have many responsibilities to bring up your business and to be successful. So be smart and keep your accounting clear-cut and complete at all times. Make use of myBillBook to have a hassle-free accounting process for your business.

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