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How to Generate Consolidated e-Way Bills on the e-Way Bill Portal?

What is a Consolidated E-way Bill?

A Consolidated e-way Bill (EWB-02)is a single document containing details of all the e-way bills related to the consignments.

Who Can Use a Consolidated E-way Bill?

You can use the consolidated e-way Bill, meaning a feature on the portal concerning consignments, if you are a transporter with multiple consignments of goods in a single conveyance or vehicle.

Prerequisites for Consolidated E-way Bills

  1. Registration of yourself on the EWB portal
  2. Keeping the below-mentioned documents handy:
    1. Challan/Invoice/ Bill/ related to the consignment
    2. Transporter ID” or the “Vehicle number” for transport via road
    3. Transporter ID”, “Document number”, and “Date” for transport via rail, air, or ship
  3. Individual e-way bill numbers of the consignments in one conveyance.

Consolidated E-way Bills Generation

Here is a step-by-step guide to generating an e-way Bill.

  1. Log in to the portal. Select “Generate new” under the “Consolidated EWB.
  2. Fill in the details after selecting them as follows:
    1. Select “Mode” of transport as Rail/Road/Air/Ship
    2. Select “From State” from the drop-down
    3. In the “Vehicle Starts From” field, enter where you are transporting the goods.
    4. Enter your “Vehicle No” and the e-way bill number(EWB no).
  3. The system auto-populates the remaining fields based on the details you enter here.

Click on “Submit.” Then, a screen appears depicting the generation of the e-way bill in form EWB-02 with a unique 12-digit number is complete. You must print and carry this for transporting the goods.

Printing of the Consolidated E-way Bills

  1. Click on the “Print EWB” sub-option under the “e-waybill” option or the “Consolidated EWB” option.
  2. Enter details such as e-way bill number or Consolidated EWB -12 digit number. Then, click on “Go.”
  3. Click “Print” or “Detailed Print” on the bill.

Re-generation of Consolidated E-way Bills

Click “Re-generate” under the “Consolidated EWB” option if you are a transporter. And use the regeneration feature to update the vehicle details for the consolidated e-way bill.

So, if you are wondering how to generate e way bill for multiple invoices, don’t club all your invoices into one e-way bill. That’s impossible, instead, generate separate e-way bills and go for one consolidated e-way bill for all.

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