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What is a Shopping Bill?

Are you a business owner who likes to keep it all organised? Then a shopping bill is more important than you think!

Every business charges money for the goods or services it renders, and retail shops are no exception. A shopping bill or invoice is a document that the business generates for the customer and includes the transaction details between the two parties. Billing is a crucial part of any business that helps to establish a formal agreement between the buyer and the seller. It imposes an obligation on the latter to pay for the goods and services they receive from the seller.

Shopping Bill format

A shopping bill format is simply a standard layout of what a bill should look like. In other words, a shopping bill format is a template that contains the essential elements of a bill describing the details of a business transaction. It helps the shopkeeper keep records of his/her daily sales and provides a straightforward statement to the customer about the items bought and the money owed to the seller.

Essential elements of a shopping bill format

A shopping bill format has to have specific core components that fulfil its purpose. Thus, when you’re deciding on a shop bill format for your business, you must ensure that it contains all the essential elements. 

Here’s a list of what we mean by essential elements:

  • Bill Number: The bill number is an identifier, and it is unique for each bill. Bill numbers will not only help you stay organised but will also aid in differentiating between multiple bills and customers.
  • Bill date: The bill date is the date on which the bill is created.
  • Contact details of the business: The bill should display the name of the business, address, phone number, email id, and other relevant contact details so that customers can easily reach out to you.
  • Contact details of the customer: This field includes the customer’s name, address, and phone number.
  • Description of goods and services: Includes an itemised description of the products sold or services rendered with the price and quantity of each and taxes/discounts, if applicable.
  • Subtotal: This is the sum of values of all products sold, and it is what the customer pays.
  • Additional information: It may include delivery details, mode of payment, etc.

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Types of Shop Bill formats

A shop bill or invoice template usually comes in the following formats:

  • MS Word or Google Docs: These are the simplest options for shop bill formats. While the result is visually appealing, calculating subtotals, taxes and adding line items may be a hassle.
  • MS Excel or Google Sheets: These are very good alternatives to Word or Google Docs because of their automatic formulas that make calculations way easier.
  • PDF: PDF shop bill formats are a convenient way to get professional invoices. All you’ve got to do is download the PDF file and fill out the fields. However, modifying PDF invoices is not relatively easy.
  • Invoice generator: The best option is to automatically use a software tool to create an invoice for you. Besides, you get to customise the format and modify your business requirements.

Where to get shop bill format?

The best way to create shopping bills is to choose a software app that’s packed with customisation features.

myBillBook billing and invoicing software is your one-stop shop for all billing needs. From creating bills and invoices to generating reports, myBillBook offers a host of features for all business types. Here are the highlights of the software:

  • Make bills and invoices in a few simple steps (including GST compliant ones).
  • Customise bills and invoices for any type of business (stockist/retailer/wholesaler/trader/distributor) or industry (electronics, pharmacy, FMCG, etc.).
  • Choose from a wide range of professional layouts, themes, and colours.
  • Use the barcode scanner feature and reduce billing time by scanning items.
  • Automatically save client details for future use.
  • Generate business reports.
  • As per your needs, Print bills either regular (A4 and A5) or thermal (2-inch and 3-inch paper).
  • Share bills instantly over email or WhatsApp.
  • Experience seamless sync between mobile and desktop and many more benefits.

FAQs about Shopping Invoice

1. What are the benefits of using a bill/invoice?

Ans: A bill or invoice is a formal document with details of a business transaction. It helps the business owner bill his/her clients and eases the collection of payments and organising accounts.

2. Why should I use the right invoice template?

Ans: The right invoice template will help you get paid correctly and stay organised.

3. How do I choose a suitable invoice template for my business?

Ans: While choosing the right shop bill format or invoice template, consider factors such as the type of your business, what kind of goods or services you sell, how often you bill your customers, how you want to organise and keep track of your accounts, and what payment methods you accept.

4. How will I customise my shop bills and invoices?

Ans: Any billing software will help you generate a shop bill format and make customisations such as change the layout, theme, add fields, etc., myBillBook billing and invoicing software offers a host of options to create and customise your bills and invoices. 

5. Is it safe to use billing software?

Ans: Yes. Safety and privacy are a legit concern, and myBillBook takes every measure to safeguard users’ data. 

6. Which business needs billing software?

Ans: Be it, retailers or wholesalers, almost every business type needs billing software to generate bills and invoices. Some businesses include pharmacies, groceries, restaurants, hotels, salons, spas, hospitals, gyms, electronics stores, supermarkets, furniture showrooms, etc.

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