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Do you feel like your business needs some new receipt templates? 

With myBillBook, you can choose from multiple bill receipt templates. Customise your receipts as per your requirements by using myBillBook free software today!

A receipt is nothing but proof that a financial transaction has taken place and that the seller has received the payment due from the buyer. Every small and medium business enterprise in every industry generates hundreds of receipts every month, depending on its business needs. 

myBillBook provides you with free customisable receipt templates for all your business transactions. You can choose from multiple options if you are confused about the books receipt format or even if you want to try out a new voucher receipt format for your business. 

Downloadable free receipt templates

myBillBook offers various downloadable free receipt templates. If you are confused about what that is, we’ll break it down for you. myBillBook offers different templates built-in, in the format of a receipt.

A basic template of a receipt format would include all the necessary information that is required to be present on a receipt. You can download these templates from the software for free to use for your business transactions. 

These downloadable free receipt templates are also customisable and can be shared online directly with the clients through Whatsapp or email. You can download these receipts in various formats, including documents, excel sheets or pdf as per your requirements. 

Benefits of using receipt templates from myBillbook 

There are several benefits of using receipt templates from myBillBook:

  • They are free: There are absolutely no costs associated with downloading and using the basic free receipt templates available in the myBillBook app or software. It is only when you wish to use some premium features that you need to shell out a standard fee. 
  • They are convenient: The receipt formats available on the myBillBook app or software are very simple and convenient to use. No special knowledge or training is required. The receipt designs are simple and easy to understand as well. 
  • They are customisable: The receipt templates are not just “one size fits all”. In fact, these designs are highly customisable. You can choose from the various colours, themes, and designs available on myBillBook. 
  • They are environment-friendly: These templates can be downloaded in various formats as per your requirements and can also be shared across platforms like Whatsapp and email. You can save paper and time simultaneously by using the myBillBook receipt templates. 

Receipt template highlights

Here are the best feature highlights of the myBillBook receipt templates that make them stand out:

  • Free-of-cost templates ready in various formats to be sent to clients.
  • Automatic calculations reduce the scope of manual errors and negligence.
  • Save time by reducing the time to complete payment and generating a receipt faster.
  • Professional ready-to-use formats with customisation options available.
  • Easy to print using a thermal printer on an A4 or A5 sized sheet.
  • Bills can be shared online with the second party involved via Whatsapp and email.

Special-Purpose Templates 

Special purpose templates are receipt templates that are not used for day-to-day transactions but for special occasions and purposes depending on the business’s nature. The myBillBook software also has some special purpose receipt templates that are valid only for special business purposes. Some of them include: 

  • Donation receipt templates: Many donations are tax-deductible, and hence the receipts used in such cases are special-purpose receipts. Such templates carry the details of the type of deduction available on the donation being made, and these receipt templates can be directly used to avail a tax deduction. 
  • Easy to print templates: If your business requires you to print receipts regularly, these special-purpose templates come in designs that are print-friendly and do not require any editing. 
  • Rental receipts: In the case of a receipt being given to a tenant, the receipt is usually short and contains only specific details related to the details of the rent agreement. You can select a special-purpose template for rental receipts in such a scenario. 

How to choose the right template? 

Are you confused about which receipt template should you use for your business? 

Here are the factors that will help guide your choice of templates:

Step 1: Choose the right platform

By signing up for a free myBillBook account for your business, you will take the first step towards choosing a suitable template for your business. It provides you with variety, convenience, customisation, and professional-looking receipts – all in one place. 

Step 2: Figure out the receipt details.

Check out the formats of different receipt templates and see which template has all the necessary details for your business transaction. A receipt template with all the essential components like the details of the parties involved, receipt number, mode and amount of payment, etc., is the ideal template for you. 

Step 3: Personalise your template.

If you would like to include some additional details specific to your business, add them to the selected template and customise the colours and themes that perfectly fit your brand identity. 

Which type of receipt template should you choose?

Here are a few things that will help you decide which format receipt template should you choose for your business: 

  • Design Format: Depending on which platform (Word/ MS Excel/ others) will be best suited for your business to create and design a receipt, you can select the template accordingly. 
  • Downloading Format: Most receipts can be downloaded in different formats, including pdf and jpg. Depending on your requirement, you can select the receipt that can be downloaded in your preferred format. 
  • Customisation options: While most of the receipt templates are customisable, the extent of customisation can vary. Choose a template that can be customised to meet your business requirements. 

Types of receipts for small business 

Most small business enterprises use the following types of business receipts depending on the nature of their business: 

Standard receipt: A basic receipt with minimal transaction details can be called a standard receipt. This type of receipt is used by businesses that do not have too many credit details or terms of transactions. 

Interim vs final receipt: For businesses having an interim period between collection of the advance payment and final delivery of items involved in the transaction, interim and final receipts can be helpful. 

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