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An invoice or a receipt is an important thing when you shop for something. You will receive a receipt when you purchase a product or use a service. The receipt or the invoice will have the details of the things you have bought along with the quantity, price of each item, total amount, tax, etc. This helps the customers in cross-checking the products or services and the prices. Besides, giving out a receipt is very important for the owners of the business as it can help them in recording their daily transactions into their accounting system.

So, a receipt plays an important role for both the customers and the owners of the company that sells products and services. If you are the owner of a grocery store, you must create an invoice with all the necessary information. For that, you need a good grocery bill format to use. You can search online for some of the best free payment receipt templates which will include details like date, receipt number, name and address of the company, contact number, amount, item list, signatures, etc. The template should be chosen according to your business type.

How to create a grocery store bill 

To create a grocery store bill, you can either choose to make an invoice in Microsoft Excel or you can create a professional invoice if you like. To make an invoice from an Excel Template follow the steps given below.

  1. Open MS Excel on your computer

Make sure you have an MS office installed on your computer. Then open a new Microsoft Excel. You can give a name to your excel sheet and it is possible to create any number of sheets in one excel.

  1. Look for an Invoice Template

Select the file and click on New.  Excel has many kinds of templates from sales to service invoices and even shipping invoices. At this time you will be able to see many templates. You must have an internet connection to search for the templates.

  1. Choose the template

Once you have cross-checked all the possible options, you can select a grocery bill format suitable for your grocery store. Click on the template to see the preview of the invoice. Then click on Create button to open the excel template in a new window on your computer.

  1. Customize the grocery shop bill format

When the selected invoice template is opened on your excel spreadsheet, you can edit it as per your requirement. You can even add your company log, company name, address, contact info, etc.

  1. Save the Invoice Template

When you have finished editing the template, cross-check if you have entered all the necessary details in the invoice format. Then, you can save the invoice. To save, click on File – Save As – Enter a name for your invoice and click Save. Use the .xlxs format document which helps in editing the grocery store bill format later if required. It is possible to save the invoice as a PDF file, but it cannot be edited again.

6. Sending the Invoice

When everything is ready, you can send the invoice to your client by email, mail or can even hand it over in person.

Find Free Invoice Format In Excel & GST Bill Format In Excel

Benefits of using free myBillBook software 

  • Everybody goes to grocery stores or supermarkets for purchases. So, it is important to provide the finest shopping experience to the customers, so that they keep coming back to your shop. By using the billing software you can easily manage all the functioning of your business with ease. 
  • As a grocery shop owner, you will never have to say that a certain product is out of stock as you will be able to restock everything on time by checking the software. Using myBillBook billing software, grow your business. 
  • The free myBillBook software has numerous benefits that help the grocery store in many ways. It can help in creating the Dukan bill format very easily. 
  • With the help of myBillBook, you can create GST compliant invoices in three easy steps with all the required information including the GSTIN of both parties. 
  • It also helps in creating consecutive invoice numbers automatically and the date of issuance will be recorded on time. You can customize the invoice easily according to the nature of the business. 
  • Free myBillBook software can easily add the HSN code of items and the billing and shipping address of the party can be saved on the software for future use.
  • CGST.SGST/IGST on products will be added as applicable and can also create bills without GST if required. 
  • Using myBillBook software, you can select the best invoice template with themes and colours. 
  • If you use this app, then you can scan all the products using their barcodes which makes it easier for you to select a product name while billing. 
  • You can also sync the desktop and mobile if you want and also create an online product catalogue with the software. This desktop app can help in taking orders online from customers and it will send automatic SMS to the client. 
  • Moreover, myBillBook billing software assists in creating purchase vouchers, payment receipts, quotations purchase orders, sale returns, purchase returns, delivery challans, and expense vouchers. 
  • You can print the invoice using common A4 or A5 sheets. The software can also send automatic greetings to your customer during any festival if you have set it up.

So, if you are presently not using the billing software, then it is time. Make your work simpler and hassle-free with the help of the billing software.

Tips to choose the right supermarket billing software 

If you want to choose the most suitable supermarket bill format, then you should consider some of the features mentioned below.

  • Billing Software must easily manage intricate pricing and variants

A supermarket will have numerous products with different prices and quantities. The actual price of the products and the prices decided by retailers might be different. So the billing software must make your work simpler and should be able to manage product variants and prices.

  • Must be able to track and audit inventory using mobile

Since a supermarket has a large number of products, the inventory cost will be very high. There will be thousands of product movements and SKUs in a grocery store or a supermarket and the rapid movement is difficult to track at all points. But if you can access tracking and audit inventory on mobile, you can replenish the stock easily.

  • Billing Software must track the performance of all outlets.

If you have more than one supermarket in different localities, you must have billing software that can track the performance of all your supermarket outlets including the total sales, the amount received, stock, etc.

  • Reduce waiting time at the counters

Usually when a person shops from a supermarket, he/she will have to visit two counters. One counter for weighing the products and the other counter at the checkout where you pay the bill. To avoid this delay, you have to select the billing software for the checkout counter that can integrate the weighing machine along with the POS terminal.

  • Billing Software must provide complete reports

While choosing the billing software, look for a cloud-based point of sale. This can give you real-time updates regarding the performance of the business. Hence, you can make any necessary decision if you can get the reports of your business at any time.

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