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GST ARN Status

Everybody knows what GST is and who requires a GST registration. Many business owners need ARN or the Application Reference Number for their entity. ARN number will be provided only when a company or a businessman is registered for GST. Following are some of the details you might need to know about the ARN status and how you can check it online.

What is GST ARN Number?

Application Reference Number (ARN) is a GST identifier. When a GST registration application is submitted, an ARN number is produced automatically on the GST Portal. The GST ARN number can then be used to trace the GST registration status of the application until the government issues a GST Certificate and GSTIN. After submitting a GST registration application, an ARN number is generated on the GST Portal. The GST ARN number can be used to follow the status of the GST registration application once it has been generated.

Types of GST ARN Status

There are different types of ARN status. You can find the details regarding these ARN statuses below.

  1. Provisional

The status provisional signifies that the application registration is just temporary and will become permanent once specific conditions are met. It does, however, imply that your application was submitted successfully. In the meanwhile, the provisional IDs can be utilized.

  1. Pending for Verification

The status “pending for verification” means that the application has been submitted fruitfully. Yet, a GST officer has to verify the information.

  1. Validation Against Error

When you provide an incorrect Permanent Account Number (PAN number), which does not match the data provided to the Income Tax (IT) department, you will receive the status Validation Against Error. If you see this state, you must immediately correct your information.

  1. Migrated

This ARN status shows that the application has been transferred to GST and the submission has been completed. You’ll have to reapply if you have any concerns, and you could not be eligible for GST registration under the GST Act.

  1. Application Approved

This status indicates that the GST officer has approved your application. You will be given a certificate of registration, which will allow you to generate a password and username to log into your account.

  1. Cancelled

If you see the status as cancelled, then it means that the GST officer has denied the application. The reason might be due to discrepancies in the data or issues with the articles that were submitted.

How to check GST ARN status

You can check the GST ARN status online to know where your GST application stands. GST ARN status check can be done online using the official website of GST which is https://www.gst.gov.in/. Below you can find the steps to check your GST application status.

  • Open the website to access the GST portal by entering the login credentials to track GST application status
  • Click on the Track Application Status tab which can be seen under the Services section
  • You need to select the Registration option from the drop-down menu of the Module section
  • Then you must enter the ARN number in the field given
  • Complete the Captcha entry and click on the Search button
  • Now you can see the status of the ARN number

If you asked for a refund, you can also check the status of your request at this GST portal. Use the guidelines given below if you want to track the refund status.

  • Click this link https://www.gst.gov.in/  to login
  • Select on the Services tab and you can find a submenu under it. Click on the Track Application Status option
  • Now you can see a drop-down list from which you must select the Refund option
  • In the case of a Filing Year: You can check the status of your refund application by selecting the Filing Year. Click the SEARCH button after selecting the Filing Year from the drop-down box. (You can obtain the Refund ARN receipt in PDF format by clicking the ARN hyperlink and to access the Refund ARN details, click the Action/Status hyperlink)
  • In the case of an ARN, you will be assigned a Claim Reference Number after submitting your refund application on the GST Portal (ARN). This ARN can be used to follow the status of your application. Enter the ARN of the refund application and click the SEARCH button.
  • To return to the Track Application Status page, click the CLOSE button. Stages are colour-coded based on the application’s current progress. If the application is now in Stage 3, for example, all stages up to Stage 3 will remain green, but subsequent stages will be greyed out.
  • The current state of the application is given in Red Texts underneath the case history. When you monitor the status of a refund application after logging into the GST Portal, you can get more information about the Tax Period and Tax Amount Claimed.
  • You can change your Bank Account data if the status of your refund application is that Bank Account validation has failed. Under the Action column, select UPDATE BANK ACCOUNT. The taxpayer will receive SMS and e-mail on their registered e-mail ID and mobile number if Bank Account Validation on the GST Portal fails.
  • The page Update Bank Account will now display on the screen
  • To add a new Bank account or alter the details for an existing Bank account, you can select a different Bank account from the drop-down list. You can also file a non-core modification application of registration and then change the Bank account as well.
  • The bank account will be authenticated once more, and the refund money will be deposited into the account specified here. The new Bank account and reference number will be added to the refund application form.
  • You must now add the new bank account number by selecting it from the drop-down list of select Account Number
  • The details regarding the chosen bank account will be auto-populated now. Click on the Proceed button now
  • A pop-up warning will be displayed. To edit the Bank Account details, click on PROCEED
  • On the Declaration page, check the box that appears. From the drop-down menu, choose the Authorized Signatory.
  • Then you must click on the File with Disc/ File with EVC option to proceed
  • Click on the Proceed button
  • Click the VERIFY button after entering the OTP given via email and the mobile number of the Authorized Signatory enrolled on the GST Portal
  • The Bank Account has been successfully adjusted for the refund application, according to a success message. (If the taxpayer’s bank account is successfully authenticated on the GST Portal, they will receive SMS and e-mail at the e-mail address and mobile number they provided.).


When does the GST ARN number become available?

Following the submission of the GST registration application, the GST ARN Number is generated on the GST Portal.

What is the length of the GST ARN number?

The GST ARN number is a 15-digit alphanumeric code made up of letters and numbers, with state codes represented numerically.

What is the purpose of the GST ARN number?

The GST ARN number is used to trace the GST registration status of  application until the government issues a GST certificate and GSTIN.