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E-Way Bill In Odisha

The federal government and GST Council trailed the Intrastate GST E-Way Bill in Odisha before going into effect on June 1, 2018. The state is now receptive to the GST E Way Bill for the interstate movement of commodities.

As soon as the GST e-way bill is in effect, the state benefits from hassle-free, efficient movement of products across the state with less time spent at checkpoints and checking and getting goods validated upon loading.

When is the E-way Bill to be generated in Odisha?

The following situations necessitate the creation of an E-way Bill by the party with a GST registration who has goods in motion.

  • The creation of an E-way bill occurs when the value of the goods being transported to or from a registered person exceeds Rs. 50,000. Even when the products are worth less than Rs. 50,000, the registered person can nonetheless provide an E-way bill.
  • Producing the E-way bill is also necessary for someone not enrolled for GST. Receiving party must make sure that all requirements are correctly followed when an unregistered person supplies the registered party.
  • If the supplier has not produced an E-way bill, the transporter transporting products by sea, land, or air must also do so.

What documents are required to generate an E-way bill in Odisha?

  • Appropriate invoice, bill of supply, or challan for the shipment of assets
  • Road transport: Transporter ID/vehicle number
  • Transporter identification, transport document number, and date for transportation by air, train or ship.

Format of the GST e-Way bill in Odisha

The e-Way bill’s two parts are designated as Part A and Part B. The information about the consignment, often the invoice details, is gathered in Part A of the E-WAY bill.

The following information must be provided:

  • The recipient’s GSTIN must be specified.
  • It is mandatory to include the delivery location’s Pin code.
  • It is important to state the invoice number or challan number used to supply the products.
  • It is essential to state the consignment’s value.
  • It is necessary to include the HSN code for the transported items. In cases when the value exceeds INR 5 crores, the first two digits of the HSN code must be given. An HSN number with four digits is needed if the turnover exceeds INR 5 crores.
  • The purpose of the travel should be understood beforehand, and the optimal one should be chosen.
  • It is essential to include the transport document number. It contains the railway receipt number, the goods receipt number and the airway bill number.

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