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A sales invoice is considered an essential and important part of the accounting cycle of every business. A sales invoice template is nothing but documentation that keeps the record of the sale details and the amount of money owed by your consumers for the goods and services they bought. This invoice contains crucial payment information like invoice number, due date, billing address, and many more. The details in the invoice should be recorded accurately to get paid by your customers at the right time. 

The sales invoice stands as proof of debt that informs the customers to pay the business or a company on time. As a business, whenever you want to request payment from your customers, you can raise the sales invoice right after the delivery of products or services. If you want to get paid sooner, you should not exceed 48 hours to request the payment.

 How to Use myBillBook Downloadable Free Sales Invoice Templates?

If you are looking for a sample invoice format, there are a lot of free downloadable invoice templates available on the internet no matter if it is for a sales invoice, export invoice, or any other. 

How can you use myBillBook free downloadable sales invoice template? As we all know that sale is not an easy deal which is why it becomes important to record every detail of the product or service sale appropriately when it is undertaken. myBillBook downloadable sales invoice template lets you customize the invoice as per your business or individual needs. 

When you download the free sales invoice format or template for your company purpose, you should make sure to add the company’s contact details at the top along with your company logo. You can even add or remove lines as per the relevant requirement of your company. 

In short, you can make any kind of changes in the sales bill format to make it ready for doing few sales! With the free downloadable sales invoice templates, you can feel free to do complete customization of your bill to suit your company’s requirements. After all, it is something that you wanted for your company’s sales and profit.

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Steps Involved in Making a Product Invoice

If you want to make a product invoice as a sample invoice format for your clients, you can follow certain steps given below:

Include an Invoice Number

Whenever you create a new invoice, it should be assigned a unique invoice number so that you can identify your invoices with ease. Also, it helps you to refer those sales invoices while discussing with your clients later. 

Enter the Details of Your Business

While making a selling bill format, you should form a header to set your business logo along with your business name, email address, phone number, and address as well.

Include the Contact Details of Your Client

There should be the contact details of your client in the sample invoice format right below your contact information so that you and your client can come in touch whenever required.

Involve the Services Rendered and Payment Terms

When you create a sales invoice, you should include the list of items or services provided with a brief description, rate, and quantity, or hours for each product or service. In addition, do not forget to mention the payment terms and conditions on your invoice along with the payment methods you accept. 

Set a Due Date and Total Amount

You can mention a due date for payment on your sample invoice format of sales. Moreover, the total balance amount should be mentioned at the bottom along with applicable taxes if any. 

Why Use Invoice Templates from myBillBook?

First of all, what is myBillbook? myBillBook is an app designed to help businesses in marketing, billing, outstanding/receivable management, inventory management, and more. It is considered one of the best applications for handling payments, managing inventories, creating sales reports, forming sales invoices, and so on. As this application is free, you can make use of it for creating invoice templates for your business. 

If you sign up with its premium version, you can use the app without making its logo visible. The invoice templates which they provide are fully customizable. It allows you to prepare bills, manage stocks, and customize pricing from anywhere in the world. You should use myBillbook once as it lets you create various kinds of invoices in different formats or templates. 

Moreover, it allows you to create both GST and non-GST invoices in no time. Besides, it has got an amazing and easy user interface to take the benefit of every feature in the application. Apart from these benefits, the application also provides other key features given below that assist in growing business and generating profit.

  • Simplified GST Invoicing
  • Order and Store Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Referral Program
  • Inventory and Pricing Management
  • Online/UPI Payments
  • Reports Generation
  • Parties and Credit Management

Chief Terms Used in a Sales Invoice Template 

As mentioned above, you can freely download a variety of sales invoice templates from the internet including sales tax invoice format in excel, simple purchase invoice excel, sample invoice calculates total with tax, sample invoice with optional sales tax, and many more. However, there are certain chief terms to be used in the sales invoice template and they are nothing but Purchase Invoice, VAT Invoice, Proforma Invoice, Credit Note, etc. These terms are used in sales invoice templates depending on various conditions. Let us check out.

VAT Invoice – It is used when you deal with corporations in Europe.

Credit Note – It is issued to inform the buyer that a particular amount has been credited to his or her account.

Purchase Invoice – It is similar to the sales invoice as the purchase invoice is called by the one who makes purchases.

Proforma Invoice – It is used as a commitment by the seller to sell products at a certain price. 

Normally, commercial sales invoices should contain invoice number, name, address, email address, contact details, due date, and payment terms and methods. Above all, it is your requirement what else you want to add in a sales invoice template to make your records much detailed.  

Types of Sales Invoices for Small Business 

The better way to prepare sales invoices for small businesses is to use free downloadable invoice templates. But, invoicing software is one of the reliable options for small businesses as it automates the whole process of preparing and sending a sales tax invoice. Now check out what are the different kinds of sales invoices to be created for small businesses right below:

Standard Invoice

The standard invoice is very simple and it is usually used by businesses for undertaking any kind of purchase. It contains all the terms and elements as of a normal sales invoice.

Commercial Invoice

Commercial invoices are nothing but sales invoices sent to foreign clients. As it has to reach out of the country, the bill should contain additional information like freight cost, a nation of manufacture, currency, product weight, and so on. 

Recurring Invoice

The sales invoices that are generated repeatedly at regular periods are called recurring bills or invoices. However, it should be generated repeatedly with the same details along with transactions like subscriptions or memberships. 

Proforma Invoice

Before delivering goods and services, the proforma sales invoice is raised by the company to make the customers know the amount they have to pay in total.


In summary, a sales invoice is a document or bill issued by the seller to send to the buyer to make him or her know about the items purchased and the amount owed in total. Make a note that sales invoices are sent right after the delivery of goods or services. Therefore, it is a bit different from a normal bill. Use myBillBook sales invoice template and stay sure that you have not missed out on any important details. 

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