If you own a small business or are just starting one in India, it’s essential to know about the taxes and codes for Tmt Steel Bar. In this article, we’ll explain the HSN codes for this in a simple way.

What is the HSN Code for Tmt Steel Bar?

Tmt Steel Bar is classified under the HSN code 72142090. The first two digits of the code 72 represent the chapter which is Iron and steel in which Tmt Steel Bar is classified . The entire six digits represent the product itself.

What is HSN Code?

As a small business dealing with Tmt Steel Bar, it is important to have a good understanding of the HSN codes applicable to your business. An HSN code is a series of numeric or alphanumeric codes that is assigned to a particular product. Each code corresponds to a specific category, subcategory, and product. The longer the code, the more specific the classification. The HSN codes are organised in a hierarchical structure.

Importance of Mentioning the Right HSN Code on Your Invoice

Accurately classifying Tmt Steel Bar under the appropriate HSN code is crucial for several reasons:

  • GST Compliance: Identifying and mentioning accurate HSN code is mandatory for GST compliance in India. The HSN code determines the GST rate applicable to each product or service. Incorrect coding can lead to incorrect taxation, which may result in fines and penalties.
  • Legal Requirement: The Indian tax authorities mandate the use of HSN codes on invoices. Not mentioning the HSN codes or including inaccurate codes can result in legal consequences and financial penalties.
  • Preventing Over-Taxation or Under-Taxation: Accurate HSN code classification prevents over-taxation or under-taxation of goods and services. The right code ensures that the appropriate GST rate is applied, leading to precise tax calculations.
  • Customs Procedures: When goods are imported or exported, customs authorities in India rely on the HSN code for the assessment of import or export duties. Correct coding simplifies customs procedures and reduces the risk of delays or disputes.
  • Audit and Record-Keeping: Accurate HSN code reporting is crucial for audit and record-keeping purposes. It ensures that businesses can provide verifiable and accurate records of their transactions when required.

How to Find HSN Code?

Finding the right HSN code, like the one discussed for Tmt Steel Bar is very important for GST compliance and accurate tax calculation. Here’s different ways to find the correct HSN code for your product in India.

  • Official GST website: The primary source to find accurate HSN codes is the official GST portal. From the GST home page navigate to the ‘Search HSN Code’ option found under ‘Services > User Services’. The portal provides two options to search HSN code – Search By HSN and Search By Description. While the former allows Search of HSN Chapters by Code, the latter allows to Search HSN Chapters by Description. Choose any one of the options feasible for you to get the right HSN code for your product. 
  • Reliable Online HSN Code Finder Tools: Finding the HSN code on the GST portal may provide you with accurate results, but the process is a little complicated. A simple, easy and straight format method is to use a reliable online HSN code finder tool like myBillBook’s HSN code Finder. You can simply add product descriptions or keywords to find the relevant HSN code.


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