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Ravi’s Sports Shop

Replaced More Than 10 Khata Books with myBillBook

Welcome to the captivating success story of Ravi’s Sports Shop and myBillBook!
Meet Ravi, the visionary owner who turned his humble sports shop into a thriving retail and online empire. Join us on this interesting journey as Ravi shares how he overcame the challenges of traditional accounting and streamlined his billing & accounting operations with myBillBook billing software.

Customer Background

S.R. Ravi, the proud owner of S.R. Sports, a thriving sports shop specialising in Badminton-related equipment, shares his inspiring journey of growth and success with the help of myBillBook, India’s No:1 GST Billing & Accounting software. Operating for seven years as a retailer and wholesaler, S.R. Sports also ventured into the online business through Amazon and established its own website catering to badminton enthusiasts. The sports shop offers a wide range of badminton products like shoes, strings, badminton kits and so many other equipments related to the sport. It deals with almost ten different brands like Yonex, Lining, Asway, Apacs, etc.

Struggles with Traditional Accounting

When we first started the business, we did not know how to operate it, especially when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping it’s all confusing. We used to maintain 10 to 15 books to record & track different operations.”

Ravi found it quite challenging to manage multiple books for different purposes like bank transactions, purchases, sales, ledger, wholesale sales, retail sales, coaches list, staff attendance management, day book and more.

“To create one single bill, we need to manually write the name of every item, calculate the GST, multiply the price with the number of units, and calculate the total to get the final bill amount.”

The pen-and-paper method of bill creation, recording everything, was not just overwhelming and time-consuming but also led to errors, impacting productivity and customer service.

Discovering a Game-Changer: Introduction to myBillBook

One day, while scrolling through social media, Ravi discovered myBillBook billing software. A 20-second video of myBillBook explaining how it helps businesses streamline their billing and accounting operations not just caught his attention but made him feel that his challenges were heard.

Ravi wasted no time and enrolled for the 14-day free trial offered by myBillBook, hoping to find a solution to his accounting and bookkeeping challenges.

The Magic Began to Unfold: Experienced myBillBook in Real-Time with a Free 14-Day Trial

From the very first day, myBillBook proved its worth for Ravi and his team at S.R. Sports. The software effortlessly handled GST invoicing, recorded purchase and sales details while calculating the total amounts in the blink of an eye. The staff found it easy to use to create invoices, manage stock, enter cash & bank transactions and conduct various accounting and business management operations. The burdensome accounting tasks were now a breeze, boosting the team’s confidence in managing the business.

Successfully Using the App for the Second Year

Before the trial period is even finished, Ravi purchased one of our premium plans and got full access to myBillBook’s features and functionalities. When asked about his experience with different features offered by the app, he was very happy to share his favourite and most useful features with us.

“Besides billing, I use myBillBook to record my purchase details and sales details. My most used functions include ‘Cash & Bank’ from Accounting Solutions section, Staff Attendance & Payroll feature from the Business Tools section, SMS Marketing, and Loyalty Points.”

Embracing Advanced Features: Unlocking Business Opportunities

As Ravi explored more of myBillBook features, he unlocked the full potential of the billing software. The SMS marketing feature proved instrumental in engaging customers, enhancing brand visibility, and reaching out to a broader audience. The inventory management feature streamlined the warehouse operations, ensuring optimal stock levels and eliminating stockouts. Additionally, myBillBook empowered Ravi to assign roles and responsibilities to his staff efficiently.

The magic of myBillBook did not stop there. The loyalty points management feature emerged as a game-changer for S.R. Sports’ customer experience. Customers were delighted to receive redeemable points based on their purchase amounts, creating a rewarding shopping experience. The loyalty points system not only improved customer satisfaction but also built strong brand loyalty, with customers returning to S.R. Sports with excitement.

A Business Transformation: Saving Time and Boosting Efficiency

With myBillBook, Ravi witnessed a transformation in his business. The software saved him valuable time, allowing him to focus on other critical business operations. myBillBook not just streamlined his billing and accounting operations but helped him to maintain good customer relationships like never before.

S.R. Sports continues to thrive, guided by the power of myBillBook. Ravi’s journey serves as an inspiring reminder of the transformative potential of technology in the world of business. With the software as a trusted partner, the future holds limitless possibilities for Ravi and his fellow entrepreneurs.

“After using myBillBook, I’m saving more time. I can confidently say it helps businesses from various sectors.”