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GST Helpline

You can contact the GST helpline number or send an email to the official email addresses. Go to the GST Self-Service portal if you want to make a complaint. You can get all the information you need regarding the GST helpdesk and hotline numbers right here.

Services provided by GST Helpline

People can contact their customer care services through phone, email, and through the self-service portal.

  • GST customer care department provides various services to the taxpayers to clear their doubts or queries regarding the GST.
  • The GST Helpline team offers help with queries related to
    • e-filing their returns
    • login troubles on the e-filing website
    • income tax / TAN / PAN data etc

Different ways to reach GST customer care

You can contact GST customer service in a variety of ways if you are a taxpayer. To know more, read the details given below.

  1. GST Helpline Number

Over the phone is by far the most preferred method of contacting various GST officials. The following list of GST helpline number will connect you with several relevant government departments:

Helpdesk Name Phone Number(s)
GST Help Desk 0120-4888-999  / 1800-103-4786
Saksham Seva* 1800-266-2232/1800-121-4560
CBEC Mitra 1800-1200-232
ICEGATE Help Desk 1800-3010-1000
ALL INDIA NUMBER(S) 080-674587070124-4688999

  1. GST Helpline Email

There are many ways you can contact the GST helpline. One such way is to send an email to the customer care to their official email ids. You can use the email id’s mentioned below to send you a query and the GST customer support team will revert to the same email id which you used to send the mail to them.

Email help is also available from many government departments that deal with GST installation and maintenance. The following are some of the most important email addresses for GST assistance:

Helpdesk Name Email ID
GST Help Desk [email protected] **
Saksham Seva* [email protected]  
CBEC Mitra [email protected]
ICEGATE Help Desk [email protected]

*Saksham Seva provides ICEGATE email ID/SSO ID creation and password reset, mapping, hardware/network issues, and other services.

**With the launch of the GST self-service portal, the GST Helpdesk email ID is being phased away.

  1. Through Self-Service Portal

A GST Self Service Portal was built in addition to the phone/email-based GST Helpline to streamline the grievance redressal process. You can find this on the front page of the Official Goods and Services Tax Portal. This GST grievance redress and tracking facility can be found on the main page under the Services>User Services section:

You can access the home page by clicking on this link https://www.gst.gov.in/. Then you will see a few options to select. You must select one of the options if you want to make a complaint or a grievance.

As an alternative for calling the GST Helpline, you can fill out the specifics of your grievance/complaint here, together with your personal information such as name, phone number, email address, and so on. You can also upload copies of any supporting documents (PDF or JPEG format only) if you have them. You will be given a “Grievance Number” once you have completed all of the essential fields on this form and submitted it. The “Grievance Number” can be used to follow the status of a grievance once it has been registered with the GST authorities.

  1. Help with GST Returns from a GST Expert

If you’re having trouble with important GST implementation areas like GST filing either online or using GST offline tool. And when you can’t find the required information online or through the GST Helpline number, you can hire an authorized GST Practitioner. A GST Practitioner can take the following activities on behalf of GST-registered individuals and businesses:

  • Providing information on inbound and outbound supplies
  • Monthly, quarterly, annual, and final returns must all be filed. Depositing money into the computerized cash register
  • Using the GST Portal to submit refund requests
  • submitting petitions for GST registration amendments/cancellations

  1. GST Self Service Portal

The GST helpdesk was staffed by the above-mentioned phone lines and email addresses. GST, on the other hand, has created a Self-Service portal to make things easier. The portal was unveiled on January 22nd, 2018, and became live on January 25th, 2018. The portal can be utilized to resolve any type of complaint.

The former HELP DESK has been phased out in favour of the new SELF-HELP system. The steps for filing a complaint on the GST Self Service Portal are outlined below.

  • https://selfservice.gstsystem.in/  is the official self-service portal for the Goods and Services Tax.
  • Select ‘Report Issue’ from the side menu.
  • In the ‘Type of Difficulty/Concern’ box, type the keyword for the problem or issue you’re having.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose the appropriate issue or question.
  • The following two alternatives will appear once you select one of the options from the drop-down menu:
    • The keyword you chose will be divided into categories and subcategories. From the drop-down menu, you can re-select a more relevant category.
    • The FAQs section will highlight a possible solution to your chosen issue. You can utilize it to see if the information offered there, can help you solve your problem.
  • If the solution to your question in the FAQ does not resolve your problem, you can open a ticket and make a complaint by selecting ‘NO, I WANT TO LODGE MY COMPLAINT’.
  • Fill in all essential information on the next page, including your name, GSTIN/ARN/TIN, email, mobile number, error message, and so on.
  • Write a description of your complaint (max 500 words) after you’ve completed all of the mandatory fields.
  • As a reference, you can use screenshots and other materials. It’s important to remember that the maximum file size is only 5MB.
  • After you’ve completed all of the required fields, enter the code provided and click “Submit” to submit your complaint to the GST Department.

GST Returns Help from GST Practitioner

Goods and Services Tax Practitioners can perform any or all of the following tasks on behalf of GST taxpayers to assist them with their GST compliance.

  • Fill out GST returns GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 with information about outbound and inbound supplies.
  • File a GST return on a monthly, quarterly, yearly, or final basis.
  • Make a GST payment on the taxpayer’s behalf, which will be credited to the electronic cash ledger;
  • Make a GST refund claim;
  • Submit an application to change or cancel your GST registration.

Benefits of having GST customer care services

Benefits of using self-service portal/ GST Grievance Portal include:

  • Users can file complaints and raise tickets on their own.
  • Provides users with all required information and reduces communication between taxpayers and the GST Helpdesk, resulting in the faster settlement of issues.
  • With the help of the ticket number, consumers can verify the status or progress of their complaints.
  • Allows users to read comments about the solution being presented.
  • Users are directed to relevant FAQs or User Manual Pages based on the Category and Sub-Category of their concern to assist them in resolving the problem.