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Last Dates/ Due Dates For GST and Income Tax Returns – March 2022

March – the last and the most important month of the Indian Financial Year (FY) has finally come. It’s time for businesses and taxpayers to have a check on the several due dates before which they need to file GST returns, income tax returns and other ROC documents to be in compliance.

GST return filing and income tax filing are the two things we are discussing on this page. You will find the list of various returns that need to be filed under various categories and their respective due dates in March 2022.

To avoid late payment or interest on the pending dues, make sure to file all the related tax returns before the due date.

Due Dates for GST Return Filing – March 2022

Due Dates for Income Tax Filing – March 2022

  • Section 194-IA: Transaction of purchase of immovable property by a resident taxpayer
  • Section 194-IB: Individuals or Hindu Undivided Families deduct TDS for rent payment made to an Indian resident.
  • Section 92E: Audit under transfer pricing
  • Form 24G: Electronic document containing all the information of TDS
  • Form 10A: Applies to a charitable or religious trust for applying and obtaining registration