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GST Certification Course

If you wish to increase your accounting skills and want to ensure you’re at the top of your game in regards to the new GST rules and regime, the GST certification course is the way ahead for you. The GST certification course is a course that is a course by the government to increase the professional skills of accountants and business entrepreneurs who need to file for their monthly GST taxes. Whether you’re a graduate, a company secretary, a chartered accountant, a financial planner or accounting and bookkeeper, this course is right for you and you will only gain knowledge and value through this course.

GST certification course by government aims to increase the knowledge and awareness regarding the multiple GST rules and regulations which one may forget from time to time. The course covers in-depth specifications and focuses on primary details that can make the filing of taxes easier for the individual or the business. The course is useful for everyone and will never be a waste of time as the people who do the course can use the learnings of the course in their everyday business lifestyle, making the job easier for them. It also provides updated resources on the new GST changes that keep happening from time to time. By doing the GST Certification course, you will always be updated about what is happening in this sector and economy.

GST Certification Course By MSME

There are various details one needs to know about the GST certification course before they dive right into it. The GST certification course by  MSME (micro, small, medium enterprises) is a certificate from the Ministry of the MSME, Government of India. While the GST certification is by the government, many institutes carry out the courses and you can tie up with any institute, either locally or digitally to do the course. Since lockdown and the work from home schedule, many courses are taking place online through just a computer and few other resources.

Courses are happening throughout the year, on weekdays, weekends, monthly, and you can most definitely find a GST Certification course that suits your schedule and needs. After you have attended the sessions or the classes from whichever institute, it is mandatory to give an exam to avail of a certification. Without giving the exam, you cannot gain the GST Certification.

GST Certification Course Exam Details:

As mentioned above, for the GST Certification course by MSME, one needs to give an exam to gain the certificate. The exam is online-based. The format is a Multiple Choice Question (MCQ), with around 50 questions and a 1-hour time limit. You need to get a 50% or more in the exam to pass and get the certificate. That is, out of 50 questions, you have to get 25 and more correct.

Once you click on the submit button during the exam, your results will be published immediately as it is a computer-based exam. You will then receive a certificate from the Ministry of MSME PPDC within 15 days of clearing the exam. While there is an exam to clear the GST certification course, the exam isn’t very difficult and can be passed easily with a little bit of preparation, study, and course through the help of the classes you’ve taken.

GST Certification Course Details By Government:

As mentioned above, there is no single place you can do the GST Certification course from. While the GST Certification course is by the MSME, the courses are not conducted by the government. Various private institutes conduct these classes and provide all the relevant information that is needed to gain this certificate.

Usually, a GST certification course lasts about 4-6 classes depending on the module and syllabus taught. However, many choose a weekend option that is convenient for working professionals, so they try to complete the course within 3-4 weeks for longer hours.

Some courses may even last longer for around 10 sessions, spanning over 4-6 weeks but for shooter hours through the day. Most of these classes are taught in English, however, you can always get in touch with your local institute and ask if the courses can be conducted in regional languages.

Cost of the GST Certification Course:

Since these courses are run and conducted by private institutions, there is one specific flat fee that is there for the courses. The prices of the course vary depending on the different services that are being provided by the course conducted such as the:

  • Syllabus covered
  • Number of sessions and hours
  • Number of applicants in each course
  • Physical classes or digital classes
  • Pre-recorded material is provided for the classes or no
  • Access to other GST related materials
  • Special webinars for GST related doubts
  • Exam fees included or no

Based on all the different features that are then provided by a tutor, the fees of the GST certification course change. However, based on an average price scale, many of the courses range between the INR 6000 and INR 10,000 range. While there may be a little up and down based on the course and the geographical area, this is usually the cost of the GST certification course by government.

Who should do the GST certification course?

The GST certification course will come in handy for anyone who is exposed to the accounting side of running a business. This could be anyone from an accountant to a bookkeeper. Even the owner of the business can do the course if they are looking to upskill. The GST certification course is useful for the following people:

  • Chartered accountants who are handling the taxes for a business firm
  • Bookkeepers who maintain the books of accounts and manage the GST filings for the business
  • Recent graduates and students who want to get into accounting
  • Professionals and individuals who want to garner knowledge in the tax bit of the business
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to know all aspects of the business

The GST certification course is a holistic all-around approach course covering all aspects of GST and tax filing that one needs to know during the month or year-end of the business.

Benefits of the GST certification course

Through the GST certification course by government, one adds credibility to their name and resume. Their professional qualities increase and thus they can increase the opportunities in their workspace. Some of the benefits of doing the GST certification course are:

  • Vast knowledge in the fields of tax and GST systems. They will know all the small details one may not figure out
  • An increase in professional knowledge from the tax and accounting point of view
  • A potential increase in their salary due to an added certification to their resume
  • Provides a well rounded and holistic view of the GST taxation system

This is majorly everything one needs to know about the GST certification course by MSME, Government of India. While it may seem like a small commitment, the results will bear fruit doing this course and you will see definite success in your professional life. The exam is also easy to clear in the GST certification course.