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An FMCG Success Story with

myBillBook Billing Software

In the highly competitive world of Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), efficient billing and effective stock management are crucial for success. This short success story of an FMCG distributor based in the Garden City of Bengaluru highlights how myBillBook simplified the customer’s day-to-day operations.

Customer Background

Mohammad Asgar, the owner of K.H. Enterprises, is a distributor of packaged snacks. The firm’s everyday operations include taking orders from FMCG wholesalers and retailers and delivering the products on time. On a regular basis, the company requires spot sales, billing, bill generation, stock record, ledger maintenance, and account bookkeeping.

Initially, Asgar used pen & paper and manual bookkeeping practices to maintain a record. He also purchased Tally software to manage his accounting operations. But over time, he found it difficult to use due to its complicated user interface and tough to understand functionalities. The manual record keeping, according to Asgar, was not only time-consuming but also resulted in bookkeeping errors and difficulties in GST filing. He also found it challenging to safely store all the documents and go through each sheet every time they require some information.
When he expressed the same concerns among his friends, one of them suggested myBillBook by sharing his own positive experience using the accounting and billing software.

Implementation of myBillBook

Without any further delay, the FMCG distributor installed the myBillBook desktop application and enrolled for the 14-day free trial. He also installed the myBillBook mobile app on his phone to use at his customer location. Without the help of any of our field executives or customer service agents, Asgar was able to understand most features of myBillBook billing software. In no time, he was able to figure out FMCG-specific features that he could use for his day-to-day billing, accounting, and inventory management operations.
Once the free trial was over, without any second thought, he purchased one of our premium plans and started using myBillBook. Here is the initial experience he has with our flagship product, in his words.

Aaj kal ki duniya he digital chalraha hai, digital platforms use karneh meh kaam bahuth aasaani seh ho jayega, pen paper ka kaam he nai rahega, record maintenance bahut aasan hoga, documents rakhnekha jaroorath nahi hai, poora app mae hi rak saktheh”

The Results: Easy Bill Generation, Increased Efficiency & Streamlined Operations

👏 The First Impression:

When Asgar first installed the myBillBook desktop application on his PC, he was very much impressed with the visual appeal of the software. As per his words, even though myBillBook is a cloud-based software, it appeared no less than any on-premise software. The menu and options are quite user-friendly, making it easy for anyone with basic smartphone skills to navigate and understand how to use them. The mobile app of myBillBook, according to him, is even more simpler and easy to use. Even his delivery persons are able to generate invoices at the client’s location using the app, he added.

👏 Spot Sales Made Easy:

Spot sales are something that K.H. Enterprises does on a regular basis. Meaning once it delivers the order, if the retailer/wholesaler requires some other products that are available with the delivery person, a sale can be initiated, provided a bill is generated on the spot. Earlier, Asgar’s delivery persons carried bill books to provide paper bills. However, unless the delivery person reports the sale, no one else would know about the same. Now with the myBillBook app on their mobiles, on-spot invoice generation became possible. The delivery person carries a thermal printer, which can be connected to his mobile via Bluetooth and generates invoices in seconds. Asgar was very happy about this feature as he could easily view the invoices generated by all his delivery persons from any place. The same will be recorded in the application automatically.

👏 Easy to Record Payments-In:

Another feature that Asgar found interesting is the Payments-In. With the ‘Record Payment-In’ option, unpaid invoices can be settled instantly, and the same will be recorded automatically. This is quite helpful for the distributor as he doesn’t have to maintain separate records for all the payments made.

👏 Whatsapp Marketing:

As a distributor, Asgar may not have to promote the brands or announce offers and discounts. Yet, he found the Whatsapp marketing feature of myBillBook useful. He uses the feature to promote his products, announce stock arrivals and also share invoices with his customers. Isn’t it innovative? Well, as a distributor, you better know than us.

Asgar has been using myBillBook for a few months now, and this is the very initial feedback he could provide us. We might be adding more insights to the page to help you hear real-time use cases of myBillBook.

We will also be covering the experiences of most of our customers from various industries. So, stay tuned for the next interesting success story!