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How to Use Staff and Attendance Management System On myBillBook

Experience a more efficient way of:

1) Marking staff attendance

2) Adding advance payments

3) Staff payroll management

Steps to use Staff and Attendance Management System on myBillBook

This staff attendance management and payroll management system feature is available on myBillBook Platinum and above plans

Step 1 – To explore, click on “More” on myBillBook app and in the left navigation of the Desktop app

Step 2 – Then, go to Attendance and Payroll option

Step 3 – Add Staff on monthly or daily basis, with salary amount and get their salary calculated accordingly

On home, the attendance for the current day will be shown for each employee in the ‘Attendance’ tab and the pending due amounts to the employees will be shown in the ‘Payroll’ tab

Step 4 – Click on staff to see the profile which includes the staff details, attendance in selected date range and payments made in selected date range

Step 5 – Choose from two settings for this feature

    • Daily reminder notification on mobile for marking attendance
    • Mark attendance as present by default

You can also download salary slip for any staff for a particular month ( available only on desktop )

Step 6 – To add payment made to the staff, use the ‘Add Payment’ option. All payments added will automatically create an expense under the ‘Staff Salaries & Advances’ expense category