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Introduction to TaxCloud India

Tax cloud India is nothing but cloud-based accounting software that runs on remote servers. The ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) has systemized it as a web-based Taxcloud TDS return and ITR compiling software or application to practice chartered accountants as well as CA organizations. Tax cloud software is updated with all the essential terms and conditions that are complied with Indian accounting practices. In fact, it helps in making all the tax and account-related jobs much easier to undertake. The CA practitioners and enterprises can take the benefit of this application free of cost just by registering on the website for the duration of the first two financial years. Using the software, you can now begin saving a lot of time and concentrate on your core business. 

Important Features of TaxCloud India

Check out the important features of Taxcloud right below that helps you in enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your organization. 


The Taxcloud India software is efficient in tallying the data of your clients at the right time which further helps in maximizing client-based reporting. You can alter the data anytime and replace it with new data for updating the records of the client. 


Taxcloud India has the ability to fill the data when required for TDS return and ITR filing once the user saves his or her data and the clients’ data. Thus, the procedure becomes much easier and quicker as it does not need to give all the data individually. Therefore, it saves a remarkable amount of time and offers a pause-free working experience. 


The feature of multiple Taxcloud login lets the employees of the firm log into the account using different devices. Thus, one can carry out the essential operations anytime from anywhere. This further enables the employees to work uninterruptedly regardless of the place they are in and thereby assists in keeping a consistent workflow. 


As this software is cloud-based, backups of client reports and data get saved on its servers seamlessly and thereby render more authentic data introspection and produce better performance for the company. 

Safe and Secure

The Taxcloud is authentic software that has been designed with multi-layered security of 128-bit encryption. This further lets the payments and data of the clients pass through a secure channel. Hence, the chances of data leakage of the clients are very low. It provides the safest platform for data protection with no doubt. 


Teamwork plays an important role in accelerating business operations. When it comes to the collaboration feature in Taxcloud India, it enables distinct users to operate simultaneously on a single project without stopping or hampering the flow of the work. Thus, a project can be completed in less time and it also reduces the burden that arises from a particular employee. With less pressure, the employee can undertake the same task with a free mind thereby enhancing the perfection and efficiency in performance.

Client Privilege

As this software is a licensed e-Return Intermediary (ERI), the firm can file the clients’ income tax returns directly without seeking the XML (Extensive Markup Language) of the clients. 

Work on the Go

This software is even available in the form of a mobile app that lets you work on the go effectively. Even though you are not at your office or home, you can undertake the tasks through the mobile app in emergency situations. It gives you access anywhere and anytime.  

Additional Features

Besides the above-given important features of Taxcloud India, there are also certain other features that help you to make the tax-filing associated works much easier. So have a look at some of the additional features of Taxcloud India software below.

Cloud-based Application and No Installation Required:

The need of installing any other software does not arise as it is a cloud-based application. Therefore, it saves a lot of space on your system. 

Supports all Income Heads and ITR Forms: 

This application is supportable for all kinds of income heads and ITR forms. Thus, the software really works in an effective way.  

Auto-backup of Data: 

The other interesting feature of this application is that it keeps the backup of all the data automatically once the user fills the data of the clients in the application. 

Registration on Taxcloud India 

When it comes to the registration with Taxcloud India, it is a very simple process as you just need to give your email ID and confirm it as your login credentials. Check out the process of Taxcloud India registration further.

  • You have to log in on and then create a login with the use of your email address of any domain.
  • Enter the required details such as name, phone number, email, and your profession (for eg, tax consultant/tax return preparer/chartered accountant or any other and then hit on ‘save’.
  • And then you will receive a confirmation email on your email ID. It is possible to use the Taxcloud service by ClearTax for your clients.  

Filing of an Income Tax Return with the Use of Taxcloud India

Check out the step-by-step guide below so that you can know how to file ITR using income tax software called Taxcloud India. 

  • First, you have to log in to using your valid credentials.
  • If you want to upload the client data in bulk, then choose the option ‘bulk upload’ and then you can upload an XML file with the information of your clients. The software will import the clients’ data automatically and this option is available for filing ITR-1 and 4.
  • When the whole list of clients’ data will appear on your login page, you can then choose the client whose ITR you wish to file. For other kinds of ITR, the user needs to enter details manually by choosing the kind of entity and using the option ‘add client’.
  • You can carry on by giving the basic data of the client followed by deduction and income details once clients are added. When it comes to bulk upload, the basic data like PAN, name, bank account number, and address will be auto-populated from the XML file. 
  • The salaried individual clients have to upload form 16 and all the accurate details given in form 16 and that will be populated. If you want to request the TDS details, you can upload Form 26AS. 
  • On filling in the deduction and income details, the Taxcloud India software will select the right ITR for your client automatically, and then you can preview the data and submit it for e-filing. 

Advantages of Using Taxcloud India

Check out some of the benefits of using Taxcloud India which are as follows:

  • India now has a web-based software and application for the purpose of filing ITR. There is no need to install any software on your PC or laptop and you can feel free to access this software from anywhere remotely. 
  • Tax cloud renders an easy data population with the upload of Form 26AS and Form 16. Thus, you do not need to enter your clients’ details manually. 
  • Moreover, it provides multiple login facilities. Therefore, firms and chartered accountants can handle one project itself simultaneously.
  • Above all, this software gives the option to upload capital gain reports from CAMS, Zerodha, etc. It simply means that it allows you to upload the excel report directly from Zerodha or any other partnered companies and the software will do auto calculations of the capital gains from the transactions.  

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